Here at Loose Cannon we take pride in our accurate and timely delivery service and always do our very best to get you the beer when you need it.

We do work where we can to a standard delivery area for a specific day. If though you are out of this area we will work out a plan to make sure you get the beer anyway.

We offer an extensive range of beers that rotate throughout the year to suit the season

We are flexible in our approach to our customers and like to think of ourselves as ‘partners’ with your pub and not just a ‘supplier’

We will work with you to make sure you are serving a beer that suits your customers and that it is being served as fresh as it possibly can.

Our range comprises of full time, seasonal, monthly and specials. See here for details…

Want to ‘Try before you buy’?

Not a problem. Just give us a call or let us know in the form below and we’ll come and visit you with samples of the beers best suited to you.

Please fill in this form as fully as possible, we’ll be in touch to get you on the way to serving your first of many Loose Cannon pints and we’ll keep you up to date with news and offers.

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