how much beer is in a members barrel?

A members barrel contains 10.3 litres or roughly 18 pints of beer

How does it work?

The barrel has two chambers. One for beer and one for co2 gas. When the tap is locked in place it connects the two chambers allowing the pressure of the gas to push the beer out of the barrel and into your glass. If the tap is not sat correctly then the beer may come out slowly or not at all. If this is the case try taking the tap off and have another go at locking it in place.

How long does it last?

We give a shelf life of 4 weeks from the day you collect the barrel. However shelf life will reduce if not stored appropriately. For best results store in a cool but not cold place where the temperature stays consistent.


what should I do when it’s finished?

Just bring it back to the brewery along with the tap and we can swap it for a fresh one